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Why do some child model agencies charge a fee?

We get asked this alot in the studio. Child model agencies are allowed under UK employment agency laws to charge a fee (as well as taking commission) but only if they represent your child in the capacity of an actor or performer. If they only represent your child for modelling work (still photography) then they ARE NOT allowed to charge any fee whatsoever, they can only take a commission from the modelling work they find for your child. Furthermore, any fees requested from an agency that represents actors & performers cannot be taken for 30 days after you have signed their contract. There is currently no limit on the fees that these agencies can charge.

Many child modelling agencies that represent child actors & performaers as well as child models do not charge any fees even though they can by law.

Please be sure to thoroughly research any child model agency that charges a fee to be certain that they are reputable. You will find lots more information on this topic in our articles.

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